Life is Strange: A Look Behind the “Sacrafice” Options

I choose to save Chloe.

And no, I didn’t simply choose this option because I like the idea of girl-on-girl romances, I choose this option because after considering how time manipulation is depicted and used, along with some of the events which took place during the narrative, I’ve come to realize no matter what you chose the result is the same.



The reason I believe the result of choosing either option is the same is due to what the narrative itself had already explained. During the ‘broken reality’ diner scene, Max confronts an instance of herself who explains that her own selfishness leads only death and ruin behind. Max 2.0 also explains the time mechanics used rely on the multiverse theory. This means every single time Max rewinds time, she is leaving the current instance of reality for the newly created one, which she’s jumping to. This means time for the reality she has rewind from will continue, regardless of her presence… meaning the tornado still destroys the town. So regardless of whether she saves Chloe, or sacrifices her, the town gets obliterated.

Would you like to know what I found most interesting about this? Even while rewinding back all the way to the restroom incident, whether Chloe is saved or left to be gunned down, the town is still utterly screwed.

This is the realization I’ve come to after finishing the game and is the point I found most interesting, but how do I know this? How would I know if saving Chloe or not nor virtually any other decision made throughout the narrative will affect the outcome, which is the tornado destroying the town?

Before I answer that, let me point out that between the good ending (sacrificing Chloe) and the bad (sacrificing the town), only two people will ever survive the tornado: Max and Chloe. While we the player do not know how the tornado came to be within such a close proximity to the town without any warning is a mystery, but let’s assume it just formed from nothing on a cloudy day. No one has enough time to escape it, and once it hits the town, the only two persons left are Max ad Chloe… they were the only persons who knew when and where the tornado would appear, and thus, retreated to a safe location from its path.

Now you may ask: “How do you know this PDF? Max went back in time if you choose to sacrifice her.”

True, but an instance is left behind. Max doesn’t physically leave the reality she’s rewinding from, if she were, she may have bumped into herself many times throughout the game (excluding the onetime this was the case with broken reality diner scene). So, when she rewinds from a reality, the instance that is left behind must assume her powers hadn’t worked. This may be exactly what happens to Max the moment Kate committed suicide. It may be reasonable to assume that the instance of that attempt successfully rewind time and made the crossover to the new reality while our original Max failed, leaving her panicking because her power seemed not to work.

So really, none of Max’s actions through the game and narrative actually affect the outcome of the town being destroyed. HOWEVER, there is one moment within the entire narrative, one moment that determines whether Max and Chloe survive or whether everyone, including Max and Chloe, dies during the tornado event.


The Very Beginning of the Game.

You see, when you start a new game, the first scene Max is thrown into is the tornado scene where right after that, she snaps to the present with an accidental selfie… consider this….

If Max hadn’t dazed off during that time, she would not have had the premonition, therefor, may not have ever seen the news article on the time and date of the storm. I say this even though she has had the vision several times later in game, but I feel the only reason she was able to find the article later on is due the fact she had already been there before, she’s seen the tornado already and thus was able to get over her initial shock more quickly, allowing her a bit of time to explore the area. If she hadn’t had that vision until mid-way through the week, she may never have found the article. If anything, without the foreknowledge of the tornado event, neither Max nor Chloe would have had reason to intentionally go to the lighthouse when they had to avoid it, thus on the day of the event, every single resident of that town would have been killed, leaving no survivors.

All-in-all, the choice to save Chloe or sacrifice her comes down to whether the ‘original’ Max, as we know her, gets to be with the love of her life. As I’ve stated before, regardless of your choice, those two are the only soul survivors of the tornado event, but one lets you see Max stay. Choosing to sacrifice Chloe only leaves Max living the week up to the tornado event without her, which I would imagine may be very depressing and emotionally torturous.

In my opinion, letting our Max stay with Chloe (and thus, sacrificing the town) is the only good ending I can infer here. At least in the end, we may see our original Max live on with the woman she loves.



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