So after submitting a few articles on my Facebook Notes section and realized i couldn’t access the posts on the Facebook App, i decided maybe its time i move my writings to a new spot. This WordPress will be used mainly for my critiques on games and similar media. My previous writings will be copied here and all unfinished writings will be completed here as well.

A Little About Me

I play A LOT of different games across many different genres, and while i’m not a games developer (not yet anyway), I do have an understanding of the development process. I have a reasonable understanding of game systems and how functions and mechanics can work between titles. I also have a great understanding of music composition and narrative/character writing. As a person whose an artist (illustrations), as well as being a self-titled digital composer, I do understand that art (of all sorts) is subjective at best, though i can write and express ideas either objectively and subjectively, many of my writings here may be a mix of both; I will do my best to make my position obvious on any given topic.

What To Expect Here

I prefer to write on many aspects of gaming. These aspects can range from reviews to analytical and/or opinionated pieces. I may describe a game’s mechanics, narrative, and playability in full or I may discuss a specific aspect of a title, whether that be a mechanic, a narrative point, or another aspect. I’m also prone to writing about this which may not be directly related to gaming, and may be about topics often found in nerd and geek culture. I will also write about games or other things that may not be current or new, because I believe the relevance of something I choose to write about isn’t necessarily bound to be relevant only to current industry and market trends.

To Conclude…

Of course the material here is very bare-bones at the moment as I haven’t finished revamping things for multiple pages, that and the fact i’m new to using WordPress may be another reason why the pages may seem a bit bare at the moment.

Regardless, I hope you enjoy the content I’ll be posting here and have a willingness to stick around for more material!